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As Özerkan Logistics, we have been providing sensitive cargo transportation services to Europe and the Middle East since 2003.

With our transportation services, we provide effective transportation of raw materials, pharmaceuticals, frozen and fresh food, flowers and electronic products to Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, France, England, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Iraq.

We deliver in a coordinated and fast manner with the vehicle type and tracking options we employ in our services.

We have been able to provide trouble-free loadings to our customers with our box trucks, refrigerated, single-deck, compartment and double-deck vehicles, arvento, cruise, datalogger, and temperature records in our vehicles.

Interview with Chairman of the Board

A person’s struggle cannot be measured in money

My name is Zeki Aktaş, I born in Mardin in a large family. Since the day I was born, I do not remember that I have slept comfortably even one night because in my long-term managerial life, as an employer, I have always protected the rights of my employees.

I have a philosophy that I believe in. Struggling for a job is invaluable. With this workforce I have built, we have come to a position to have a say in the market with the team I work with, apart from my own determination and motivation. With the fleet expanding from a single vehicle to 40 vehicles, we have become a growing company with high goals, which lasts for years, without compromising quality.

Our diversity and quality in our customer scales are as important to us as our services. Thanks to this diversity, we can carry and deliver every type of product. With the support of my 24/7 reachable team, which I spend overtime in all these transportation operations, we have the opportunity to have close and uninterrupted contacts with all our customers. As I have personally progressed through every level and difficulty in my life alone, the value of the effort and the laborer, namely my team, is very special and valuable for me. I am a primary school graduate, but my adaptation process progressed very quickly when I was introduced to working in the very young age. I neglected compulsions and enjoyed working. Even at the age of 15, I had the ambition, seriousness and energy to work that I have now, and moreover, I used to behave like an adult. Thanks to my business acumen, personality and talent that I have acquired since childhood, I have never been afraid of business and growth. Despite this, a little boy living in the Eastern part of the country many years ago could not have dreamed of starting a company. I had very difficult times, especially as an uneducated person. However, I was aware of all of these shortcomings and fought hard to overcome them one by one. I studied a lot, read books, met people, attended conferences, learned and improved myself. It was not surprising that everyone believed that I would become a businessman who rose from a frail kid working in a small village to grow more and more each day. However, in the East, children grow up quickly and the hardships made people mature fast. This is why what I learned while trying to jump in and keep up with a huge world that changes every day is very valuable for me. Within the framework of what I learned, I wanted to work in the most beneficial way to the environment, nature and people since the first day. Therefore, I follow all technological developments and always closely and I follow the most harmless engines and company regulations. I do believe that there are thousands of companies in the market offering prices lower than the market prices, but it is also an undeniable fact that bad trade, low quality service and lack of reliability will be present. I broaden my horizon with Tolstoy’s perspective on art a little bit about this trade we do. Tolstoy’s concept of art tells “The activity that matures in the process of distress, concentrates with thought, is prepared with effort and aims to give the best is called art.

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