Expert in Fragile Goods Transportation

Interview with Chairman of the Board

A person’s struggle cannot be measured in money

My name is Zeki Aktaş, I born in Mardin in a large family. Since the day I was born, I do not remember that I have slept comfortably even one night because in my long-term managerial life, as an employer, I have always protected the rights of my employees.

I have a philosophy that I believe in. Struggling for a job is invaluable. With this workforce I have built, we have come to a position to have a say in the market with the team I work with, apart from my own determination and motivation. With the fleet expanding from a single vehicle to 40 vehicles, we have become a growing company with high goals, which lasts for years, without compromising quality…


Our International Transportation Services Since 2003

Pharmaceutical Transport

Transportation of pharmaceutical products is our area of expertise

Sensitive Product Transportation

We are experienced in the transportation of sensitive products

International Road Transport

We are at your service in the renewed and competitive transportation industry

Fresh-Frozen Food and Flower

Fresh and frozen product transportation requiring temperature stabilization

Adblue Sistemi

Euro VI Model Çekiciler ve Termo Römorklar

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We Provide More Benefits to Our Business Partners Every Year

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Ozerkan Logistics

since 2003

Özerkan Logistics is the transport company that is capable to provide reliable services to its customers with problem-free and fast deliveries within Turkey, the Middle East and Europe with its experienced and professional team in international road transport.

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