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Gelişen, yenilenen, ve rekabeti artan nakliye sektöründe Özerkan’ın başarı formülü

International Road Transport is an industry that is constantly developing, renewing and increasing competition among its players. Vehicle renewal, fuel quality and fees, vehicle maintenance and checks, professionalism of the team are just some of the dynamics in road transport due to its non-stationary nature. Özerkan Logistics has been providing its best services in 2022 without slowing down, with determination to work since 2003, as an innovative company that grows and develops by keeping the pulse of the market.

Our company offers all sorts of refrigerated products to the European Union (Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain), England, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran and Iraq and carries out transportation operations to all those lands across the world. In addition to controlled loading, we leave a clean world to the present and future generations with our new generation Euro6 truck tractors and trailers, which we use in our operations in these countries, and our environmentally friendly engines. Euro6 is one of the factors that determine exhaust gas emission standards for vehicles according to the rules issued by the European Union in order to reduce environmental pollution. In addition to these, unlike the fuel system in the vehicle, the presence and use of the ad blue system prevents smoke emission and creates a kind of purification system. Thus, by reducing the damage we can leave on nature with every load we carry, we respect our customers, our future and the nature we live in. By closely following the developments in the rapidly changing world, we are resizing and developing the latest technology and logistics sector internally within Özerkan. We enrich the systematic and applicable projects brought about by R&D studies in our company infrastructure, and by giving our service to our customers with the highest quality, we harvest the fruits of our productivity with our current position and success in the sector.

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