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Tehlikeli madde ve hassas ürünlerinin taşımacılığında deneyimliyiz

In the transportation of dangerous goods and sensitive products, in addition to the importance of the temperature of the cargo, the storage, placement and waiting should also be the responsibility of the company.

For this reason, even the parking spots and customs clearance points are extremely essential in the transportation of such products, which have high value. In this context, Özerkan provides professional services under agreements signed with contracted and reliable companies at truck-parking areas, customs and checkpoints, and with the special trainings given to its drivers. With the alarm sensors the vehicles are equipped with, we receive direct notifications to customers and the company once the door is opened or temperature deviations outside the specified range.

Another of such comprehensive technologies we use and the methods that will increase the security level of the transportation process is the ADR installation. In this context, every vehicle has a system in accordance with the ADR agreement (ADR: Accord Dangereux Routier), which is the European agreement on the international transportation of dangerous goods by road. The sensitivity and check shown to temperature degrees are provided with the same quality in each of our products.

Trust in sensitive product transportation


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