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Taze ve donmuş ürün yüklemeleri sıcaklık sabitlemesini gerektiren taşımaları

Fresh – frozen product shipments are the type of carriage that requires at least as much care as the transportation of raw materials and sensitive products, and to prioritize factors such as temperature stabilization and vehicle tracking.

For example, the specific tools and features that must be included in the shipment of bulbs, seedlings-potted plants, cut flowers and similar products should be available. In vehicles with an interior width of 2.49 meters and a height of 2.70 meters, in order to prevent plant species from sweating, there must be a fan in addition to the flat ignition, because heat loss cannot be prevented unless there is modulation inside the vehicle. Therefore, modulation is required to ensure heat stabilization. With the presence of these modulations, our company guarantees the durability of the plants. Apart from flower transportation, we can prevent even the smallest damage to the product in a short time with our instant reporting service in the temperature deviations of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables.

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